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Just added some great pictures thanks to Handmaiden. These are pix from Universal Studios yesterday - 8/13/04 we gave the cast, chris and of course Joss a gift! We got to meet Nathan an Adam! Im in a hurry so sorry for typos!

Giving Nathan a present for the cast!
He's so sweet!

He came over to chat w/ us a bit!

Giving Nathan the cast present!

Rosie's Versal 2 Report Below

Rosie’s Impromptu Trip to Universal

I really wanted to send a thank you gift to the cast before they wrap. I kept thinking about it and I just really wanted to give them something in appreciation for all of their hard work. I kept thinking of toys, something small but couldn’t come up with anything good.

I was planning on hanging out this past Thursday with HandmaidenAnde whom I met at the SD Comic Con. She lives near where I work so we’ve been trying to get together for 2 weeks. So we both had Thursday off. Now since Jewel posted about the wrap party and Alan is set to start shooting (according to IMDB) Into the West on August 16th. I thought this might be their last week shooting Serenity. Carol is on vacation and so I told her about wanting to go back to Universal. I e-mailed Handmaiden and she was totally up for a little adventure. I told her I couldn’t promise anything. My mission was to get a little something to the cast, not necessarily directly to the cast, I was hoping for a nice production assistant or security guard.

The plan was to go in the afternoon and see if we could catch anyone coming back from lunch. We arrived at the infamous bushes around 2pm and sat around writing thank you cards for Chris, Joss and the whole cast. We included some candy. We waited for a while and finally we saw Nathan on his way to the set. He saw us and waved. I was holding the bag of goodies for him. Carol shouted, “We have a present for you.” So Nathan jumps out of the cart and takes the bag. He’s got to run because he is needed on the set, he thanks us and he is on his way. I am just sooooo happy to have been able to give him the bag. Poor dear was in such a hurry getting back in that he bumped his head.

So now I am totally satisfied. We continue to sit there hoping for a view of someone else. I really wanted a chance to talk to Adam again. Lo and behold who is walking toward the set, Adam!!! I call out to him and he comes by. Such a great guy. HandmaidenAnde is wearing a Serenity shirt she made from the promotional material at the con. I tell him about the gift bag and he notices the Serenity shirt and says cool. He asks her name and shakes her hand. Simple little things that just make such a difference. So he told us they were filming actiony stuff today. He mentions putting the security guard in his place and I smile. I told him we came down now since I thought they might be wrapping up soon. He said their last day shooting would be August 26 –27th. Summer walked by as we were speaking but we did not call out to her. Then Adam had to go. He did take a moment to pose for some pictures.

We were hoping to catch Summer later but we missed her as she made her way back onto the set. We waited for a while. It was hot and it was nice to sit in the shade. Once our tummy’s started rumbling we figured we needed to get some food and enjoy the rest of our time in the park. We made our way to the Mummy the Ride this is where we met Jeremy. He noticed the Serenity shirt and called out to us. We told him we were fans as we walked by. He is a Browncoat, a lurker more than a poster. He was in charge of the priority front of the line access. We were going to the single rider line since that is faster than the normal line. I look over at Jeremy and he is calling us over. He says you’re lucky I like Serenity and hand us a front of the line pass for the Mummy. Normal wait time is 55 min the last time we checked. We are astonished, overjoyed and incredibly happy at our good luck. We go in and the line plus the ride was closer to 5 minutes than 10 minutes total.

Afterward we posed for a picture with him and I gave him links to the OB. He is such a shiny Browncoat. It just made me proud to be a Browncoat. He was definitely a BDH to us that day. Then we decided to go on the Studio Tour, they were getting ready to shoot the sequel to Triple X. The we went on Back to the Future and we ended our day at the park with a trip on Jurassic Park. It was Handmaiden’s first time. We got soaked. Then we went to watch an outdoor movie at CityWalk. The movie that night was The Wizard of Oz. There were some terrifying blue space monkeys.

It was truly an uber-shiny day.

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