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One More Time!!

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San Diego Comic Con!
Handmaiden took this wonderful shot!

Saxon, Joss, and Ewok!!!

Adam and Me!!!
Look this way. O sure that way. *looks in opposite way*

Marcy & Adam
Outside after autographs.


And the hug was as warm as the greeting - Courtesy of Saxon

Rosie and Alan
A gift and hug exchanged - Courtesy of Saxon

Ewok, Adam and Saxon
What a great gang!

Ewok and Adam!!
- Courtesy of Saxon

Ron Glass

Sean Maher

Summer Glau

Morena Boccarin

Joss One Last Time!!! This time for sure!!

Hey everyone here is my spoiler free report. I have no spoilers because I went to the autograph session not the panel. For pictures go to my site:

I woke up at 4 AM and got ready to go. My sister and I went to go pick up some friends Marci and Jenae. Then we met up with Saxon and her family before we got on the freeway. We left for San Diego and were kind of confused when we got there because we really didn’t know where to go. Finally, we got in and got our nametags. The first thing we did was get in line, even though we did not know what the line was for. The line turned out to be for freebies, which had some good stuff. After that we went into the exhibit hall and looked around. All kinds of different companies where there, as well as artists. Marci was hoping to see some Firefly/Serenity stuff but we really couldn’t find anything. As we were walking I mentioned that it would be great if we ran into Jason Palmer the artist that had created the Firefly cast illustration that was sold during LA Comic Con. Then I turned around and hey there he was. So Marci and I bought his sketchbooks as well as another Firefly poster for each of us. I mentioned to him my sister, Rosie, and since she had emailed him for information he knew who she was instantly. So I called my sister and told her to come over. After we finished, Marci and I decided it was time to get in line for the autograph session.
We got in line at 11:15am even though the autograph session wasn’t supposed to begin until 2pm. We at first thought that we were the first in line but Marci went to check just to make sure and they took us to another line. People were already forming a line. As the time past, the line grew and grew and grew. We had the longest line that 1/3 of our line was still longer than the other lines for autographs and they hadn’t even come out yet! As soon as they came out everyone shouted and was excited. I first went up to Adam, as you can see in my picture and asked for a picture with him. Some guy was standing in front of us and he thought that was the guy and I was all pointing at Marci but then that camera guy told the guard and I wasn’t supposed to take a picture with him. Thanks Marci!! I didn’t find out until later that she had taken the picture. The security guards however were horrible. Jason Palmer, the artist, had given me sketch books to give to Joss, Nathan and Adam. As I was giving the sketchbook to Nathan, he assumed that he was to sign it and started signing it, then one of the security guards started yelling, however it wasn’t at me it was at Nathan. Nathan told him that it was a mistake and that it was a gift for him and put it away. I could not believe the guard had the nerve to yell at Nathan!!!! JERK!!!!!!!!! Anyways, of course Nathan got mad or ticked but I hope that guard got a scolding. After Nathan was Sean, he has such soft hands and a great smile. It was my first time seeing Sean and Im glad I got to meet him. After Sean, I believe was Kaylee, she was on the phone with someone she didn’t know and was laughing and passed the phone onto Morena as I moved on to Morena, Morena passed the phone on to Summer and when Summer asked who she was going to talk to Morena said I don’t know just talk and they both started laughing. Thankfully though, Summer gave the phone to someone else. I really wanted to meet Summer and she was such a doll. I mentioned to her that I was with Ewok, Wiley and Rosie in the bushes. She started laughing and said that she remembered that. I told her she was sweet and she said thank you honey. I’m not sure if I have all the cast members in order now that I think of it but I do remember what I said to each of them. Gina, I didn’t really get to talk to because she had the phone at this time but she said hi and smiled as she signed. It was funny and yet kind of sad because the phone was passed wherever I went. Alan was on the phone after and he said hi. Oh I didn’t get to talk to Ron that much but his hair is in cornrows for those that were wondering. I gave Joss and Alan each a letter. I would have given everyone one but I didn’t think of it until later. Jenae showed me how to fold the notes into little t-shirts. Once I gave Joss his little T-shirt note he showed it to Alan and said “ Hey look how cool (holding the note up). They’re little shirts.” Joss was really nice and I gave him as well the Jason Palmer sketchbook and card. Then I told him that Jason wanted to give him the original sketches and told him where he was. He seemed really interested but I’m not sure if he heard because another guard was yelling at me for taking so much time. I left and was happy because I did get the chance to talk to everyone. Now after this, I talked to my sister on the phone, Rosie, she explained that our job, Marci, Jenae and I was to get on the other side of the glass doors.
We got their easily and waited. This was the way that the cast would be going to come out. We waited and waited but not for long. Soon they came out, my sister wanted to give the poster she had bought from Jason Palmer to Alan. Now one of their guards started telling us to back off. My sister (the one who got us on set) told him she just wanted to give this to Alan and nothing else. They were getting and angry and one of the guards said she would give it to him. Rosie said that she wanted to give it to him personally. We saw them walking by but couldn’t find Alan. Then the best part of the day happened, “ROSIE!!! Adam comes over gives my sister a hug & kiss on da cheek and asks how she is. Then after they chat and she spots Adam. I introduce myself he gives me a big hug and a kiss, as if we were family. He’s so nice. After talking to us, I ask him to take a picture with Marci. He then poses and smiles. After he goes to Ewok “Hey look what I got, gives her some props (money used in the movie). Here pass some around.” He then gives her three bills, one she kept, one she gave to me and the other to Marci. We were all excited. My sister meanwhile was talking to Alan, gave him a hug and the poster. After they left, we all talked about how cool that whole experience was and also about the look on the guard’s face that was yelling at my sister when he saw Adam come over and give her a huge hug, as if she were family or an old friend. It was wonderful!!
My sister went to watch Wonderfalls in one room and we went back because there was so much we didn’t get to see. Oh and for those who have read Death: The High Cost of Living by Neil Gaiman, someone there told me that they had just announced that they were going to make a movie out of it. After a great day we went home. I went online and posted some pics and then off to bed. So that was my great experience.

If you want to see some pictures go to: [url] [/url]I’m also posting links to all other San Diego Comic Con related experiences. So enjoy!!

- Carol

Thanks to Wiley for the following pictures. I was in line for autographs! I'll right a report later.